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Chikaru Minamoto is a secondary character in Strawberry Panic!. She is voiced by Saki Nakajima.

Appearance Edit

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Personality Edit

Chikaru has shown herself to be a natural leader as she is the president of several functions: the student council of Lulim, the Transformation Club (where members cosplay various themes), the Secret Club (where members try to solve mysteries), and a variety of other clubs which she regularly creates, such as the Waiting First in Line Club. She has a friendly personality and enjoys helping others when they need it, which makes her an excellent candidate for the student council.

Also, Chikaru tends to be very knowledgeable about the schools and their inner workings. When in Astraea student council meetings, she often lets the other two school representatives argue with each other while she sits back and observes their behavior. She is not easily perturbed and frequently helps out those who have trouble, regardless which school they attend.

Chikaru has exhibited a strong familiarity and faculty with the arts in costume design, costume creation and acting. She plays the title role in Astraea's production of Carmen, as well as designing the costumes for the show. In the manga and light novels, she has a bit of a more hidden agenda that she sees Lulim as a dark horse and sees the conflict between Spica and Miator as a means to push Lulim to prominence.

Chikaru is very versatile and with several activities, the chairman or leader. By nature they are very friendly and helpful. Even if it does not seem to have, it is well informed about events on campus. At their first encounter with Nagisa she notices right away that will blow a fresh breeze.

She feels also the feelings of others, and jumps as a comforter, too. At council meetings she sits back relaxed and lets Miyuki and Shion conduct their discussions. While the violent two tackle each other, Chikaru prefers to sit back and watch as the the council president of St. Miator and the president of St. Spica's pieces fall into schedule.

She often has her little rascals (3-4 younger students) in tow with which it is taking all possible activities. Her versatility and her acting talent, she owes it also, that it has assigned the lead role in the theatrical performance of "Carmen".

Background Edit

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Tamao and Nagisa) "I really wish the student council was a little more fun..."
  • "...I live for club activities. Club activities are the reason why I live."

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