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Nagisa Aoi (蒼井 渚砂(あおい なぎさ) Aoi Nagisa?) is the main protagonist of the Strawberry Panic! series. She transfers to an all-girls school named St. Miator Girl's Academy, as a result of her parents traveling overseas for work, leaving Nagisa to stay behind.

At the start of the series, Nagisa ends up transferring to Miator Girl's Academy after her aunt, who is a past graduate of St. Miator, the oldest school located on Astraea Hill, recommended that she attend.


Nagisa is described as a very cute girl with fair skin, shoulder length red hair that's tied up in a ponytail with teal-colored beads adorned, and cerise colored eyes.

Prior to meeting Shizuma Hanazono, Nagisa originally wore her junior high school uniform, which was a sailor fuku. But now that she's enrolled in St. Miator Girl's Academy as a first-year student, she wears the traditional black colored uniform of Miator.

When Nagisa wears normal clothing outside of school, she seems to settle on plain but comfortable wear.

By the last episode of the series, Nagisa is seen wearing a high, low red dress with white tights and matching red heels.


Nagisa is shown to have a peppy and energetic personality.

Because of her open and friendly nature, Amane Ōtori from Spica, had commented that the other Miator students tend to remind her of 'caged birds', whereas Nagisa is viewed as extraordinarily different. One might even theorize that she is one of few Miator students who's not deeply enmeshed in the school's traditions and customs, therefore leading her to act out accordingly to her own impulses, rather than according to the expected patterns.

While Nagisa certainly has a gift when it comes to energizing both her surroundings and the people around her, even at the first few meetings she's had with Shizuma Hanazono, Nagisa quickly noticed that whenever she gazes into the eyes of Shizuma, she's unable to move, thus leaving her paralyzed as a result.

However, later on in the story, it is worth noting that she develops a strong attraction towards Shizuma which gradually turns into love; thus, very much suggesting that the Etoile of Miator may be Nagisa's first love.

Other things about Nagisa also include that she can be easily frightened, making her tremble at even the slightest mention of something scary, especially ghosts. She also seen to have a large appetite, especially for sweet foods.

Also, she admires others for their artistic abilities. She, herself, has displayed an aptitude for both acting and the piano, both being nurtured through the interactions she's had with Shizuma.

She is also a fairly talented actress, being able to take over as the lead role of Carmen when Chikaru Minamoto is injured. One of her weaknesses, on the other hand, is French, for which she required tutoring from both Miyuki Rokujō and Shizuma.


Shizuma Hanazono[]

Shizuma is Nagisa's love interest. At the start of the series, Nagisa meets Shizuma some place within the woods after losing sight of where she was going and was immediately startled by the latter upon seeing her for the first time. However, as soon as when Shizuma makes a move, such as kissing her on the forehead, she immediately faints from shock, thus having her being brought to the nurse's office.

While Shizuma would try to find ways in making a move on Nagisa, something that frequently results the latter in becoming flustered, she eventually holds off and act like nothing happened. Leading to some confusion for Nagisa, whereas it's become a concern with Miyuki.

During the time they've spent together, it's become evident that their love for each other gradually increases. But at the point when Nagisa has learned of Kaori Sakuragi, Shizuma's deceased lover, things start to cause a rift between them. However, by the end of Episode 26, she declares her love for Nagisa and they share a kiss upon running away together.

Tamao Suzumi[]

Tamao is first introduced as Nagisa's best friend, classmate, and roommate at Miator. Any time that Nagisa is facing her own troubles or is in need of a shoulder to cry on, Tamao is always there whenever needed. Though their friendship seemed to be platonic and friendly at the start, completely unbeknownst of Nagisa, it's become apparent that Tamao is also in love with her.

Though Nagisa didn't seem to fully acknowledge these romantic feelings, Tamao knew her love for Nagisa is one sided, due to Nagisa being in love with Shizuma Hanazono.

Hikari Konohana[]

Nagisa is shown to have a friendly relationship with the latter, as seen in their interactions during tea parties or when they're seen together in school.


  • The name Nagisa means "beach, shore" (渚) (nagi) and "sand" (砂) (sa).
  • Nagisa's surname Aoi means "blue" (蒼) (ao) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • She was born on March 21.
  • Nagisa bears a striking resemblance to Kaori Sakuragi, Shizuma's previous lover, but the only difference is their appearance:
    • While Kaori has very pale skin, black hair, red eyes - Nagisa has a fair complexion, red hair and red eyes.




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