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The Strawberry Panic! (ストロベリー・パニック! Sutoroberii Panikku!?) light novels are a trilogy of novels that adapt the original stories. There are three total. The English release was handled by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Blurb Edit

Volume 1 Edit

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Volume 2 Edit

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Volume 3 Edit

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Omnibus Edit

"Astrea Hill: the home of three prestigious all-girl schools known as St. Miator, St. Spica, and St. Lulim. These schools all share a common campus and dormitories known as the Strawberry Dorms, where wacky melodrama and high romance are always in full bloom!

Enter Aoi Nagisa, an earnest transfer student who struggles to adapt to her new chaotic surroundings. Her self-control goes out the window when she meets campus star and serial heartbreaker, Hanazono Shizuma. As their newfound romance blossoms, Nagisa's life becomes a whirlwind of bitter rivalries, secret plots, and dangerous temptations."

Chapters Edit

Volume 1 Edit

  1. Chapter 1 - A Goddess Finds Delightful Prey in the Cherry-Colored Mist
  2. Chapter 2 - The Shining Star of the Campus Makes a Decision in the Flaming Greenery
  3. Chapter 3 - The White Prince of the Stars Falls in Love with a Violet on the Roadside
  4. Chapter 4 - The Cock Crows Three Times, an Omen of Battle
  5. Chapter 5 - Beautiful Sisters Fighting a Phantom Tell the Truth before the Sea God
  6. Chapter 6 - A Rainbow Shines in the Valley of Tears That Have Dried Up
  7. Chapter 7 - The Crown of the Most Beloved Blesses the Two with Its Holy Light
  8. Epilogue - The Coronation[1]

Volume 2 Edit

  1. Prologue - With the Goddess Absent, Tender Tears Fall from the Little Nymphet
  2. Chapter 1 - The Hazel Comet Strengthens the Attraction of the Full Blue Tide
  3. Chapter 2 - On Festival Night, the Omen of a Misfortune Avoids a Red Sign and Jumps
  4. Chapter 3 - A Prophet Appears, Dividing the Obstructive Sea and Showering Manna
  5. Chapter 4 - Vulnerable Girls Blossom Under the Conquering Shadow of a Young, Gallant Emperor
  6. Chapter 5 - A Black Wedge is Driven into the Towering Pile of Stones
  7. Chapter 6 - Romeo and Juliet Always Broke the Rules
  8. Chapter 7 - On the Morning of the Escape, a Promise is Broken, Then Fulfilled

Volume 3 Edit

  1. Prologue - The Midsummer Winds Attract Worrisome Dreams
  2. Chapter 1 - The Escapees Walk Down a White Path at High Noon
  3. Chapter 2 - The Hidden Road Sign Invites Those Who Are Lost
  4. Chapter 3 - A Sunless Sky Illuminates the Invisible Truth Below
  5. Chapter 4 - How the King of Truth Became Known
  6. Chapter 5 - The Maidens Drew Water from the Fountain of Courage
  7. Epilogue - The Sacred Etoile

Characters Edit

St. Miator Edit

  • Nagisa Aoi
  • Shizuma Hanazono
  • Tamao Suzumi
  • Chiyo Tsukidate
  • Miyuki Rokujo

St. Spica Edit

  • Amane Otori
  • Hikari Konohana
  • Yaya Nanto
  • Shion Tomori
  • Momomi Kiyashiki
  • Kaname Kenjo
  • Makoto Kusanagi

St. Lulim Edit

  • Chikaru Minamoto
  • Kizuna Hyuga
  • Remon Natsume
  • Kagome Byakudan

Credits Edit

Story by: Sakurako Kimino
Art by: Namuchi Takumi
Novel 1 translation: Michelle Kobayashi
Novel 2 & 3 translation: Anastasia Moreno
English adaptation: Christine Norris
Layout & design: Nicky Lim
Copy editor: Erica Friedman
Editor: Adam Arnold
Publisher: Jason DeAngelis and Seven Seas Entertainment

Gallery Edit

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Translation Notes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Seven Seas Entertainment lists "Namuchi Takumi" as "Takuminamuchi" for their releases.
  • The third novel was never given an individual English release and can only be found in the omnibus.

References Edit

  1. Preview of the first light novel